The solution for Data Business Intelligence, the management control for telephone systems, was reported by a national distributor of high technology innovation products InWare Srl on its website dedicated to his offer

In the web site BI4Data system is presented as a solution that uses equipment LS100 and SS100, serial device servers based on Linux, the Korean Sena Technologies, which InWare is official distributor for Italy.

BI4Data draws great benefit from the use of equipment LS100 and SS100 that, thanks to their reliability, allow a takeover data free of maintenance activities.The data collected is complete and can produce effective and consistent reports that provide an indispensable decision support in management control in the telephone network.

The serial device SS100 is customized with a software layer to operate as real intelligent IP Buffer able to capture and store data, even in case of blackouts, and transfer them according to user needs using FTP or SCP, based on safety standards SSH.

The configuration of equipment SS100 is via web interface simplifying the installation and configuration procedures.