"Non potete gestire quello che non potete misurare e questo non vi permette di migliorare il vostro successo aziendale", ha affermato Robert Kaplan, ideatore della Balanced Scorecard, durante una presentazione in occasione del recente Business Intelligence Summit organizzato da Gartner.

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If your company has a structure distributed in the territory and would like to not lose control about costs of each home, then BI4Data is the product that's right for you!

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BI4Data is an application that manages the data acquired in respect of privacy and articles of association of workers.

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BI4Data is an ideal tool to improve corporate performance and improve the efficiency and productivity enterprise.
The current situation in respect of telephone charges is substantially in line: thanks to VoIP telephony and GSM Gateway is possible to obtain substantial savings on the front about costs.

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