BI@Work has developed a new version of IP Buffer SS100 which detects the presence of alarms in received messages.

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It was released version 1.4 software BI4Data.
There were introduced major graphics improvements.
The new version is compatible with Windows Vista.

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The solution for Data Business Intelligence, the management control for telephone systems, was reported by a national distributor of high technology innovation products InWare Srl on its website dedicated to his offer

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It was released version 1.5 software for devices SS100.
This version allows the acquisition through automated FTP protocol.
Register at the site BI4Data to download the ISO.

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Since version 1.4 BI4Data is able to collect traffic data also for GSM lines starting from data provided in electronic format by mobile phone operators.

At last you can manage in an integrated way the costs of traditional telephony and mobile phone!

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