BI4Data allows the analysis of traffic data of a PABX telephone (switchboard), a network or a PABX telephone system type VoIP, using an expert system. The results obtained can be used as decision support in sizing and evaluation of the telephone network. 

BI4Data is a tool for controlling management associated with telecommunications and can track telephone charges, the identification of waste and fraud telephone.  The system has a simple web user interface that is designed to be used even by unskilled users and be compliant with any browser and operative systems. 

BI4Data can collect the Call Data Record generated by the PBX, in various modes: RS232 serial, socket IP connection through a database via ODBC, FTP / SFTP / FTPS, TFTP, SCP, through syslog and IP buffer SS100.

BI4Data introduces a new concept in the data related to documentation suggesting objections business oriented services for end users of the single telephone, and for the allocation of costs in complex organizational structures, both for traffic analysis.

There are two logical operational for the information distribution:

  • Centralized reporting: to centralise preparation of the various reports recursive possibly periodicals, with automatic distribution and targeted via mail;

  • Reporting left: allowing each user to access BI4Data to consult your own relevance.

BI4Data features are divided into three types:

  • Call accounting,

  • Traffic analysis,

  • Data mining.

The first type includes analysis of the report targeted phone with the ability to divide between the components of corporate structure, the second type includes reports that allow you to analyse the performance of a telephone system, while the third is geared to the identification of fraud , abuse or abnormalities linked to the telephone traffic.

BI4Data allows the creation of a wide range of customized reports using appropriate filters and sorting criteria. Access to data is via web interface and supports the most common browser for the most popular operating systems (Windows, Linux and Macintosh).

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