Communication is an essential element for the business operation. For an efficient communication it should be aware!

BI4Data helps your business to be aware not only of costs related to telecommunications, but also efficiency and effectiveness of communication.

BI4Data is an integrated suite of services that can analyze telephone traffic both from the point of view of the costs and from the point of view of the use and performance of the telephone system.

Here is a list of statistical parameters of quality and intensity that can be calculated with BI4Data.

Parameters of intensity:

  • Outgoing calls
  • Outgoing abandoned calls
  • Outgoing calls with conversation
  • Incoming calls
  • Incoming abandoned calls
  • Incoming calls with conversation
  • Total abbandoned calls
  • Total calls with conversation
  • Duration outgoing calls
  • Duration Hold outgoing calls
  • Duration outgoing calls with conversation
  • Duration abandoned outgoing calls
  • Duration line busy outgoing
  • Duration incoming calls
  • Duration Hold incoming calls
  • Duration incoming calls with conversation
  • Duration line busy incoming
  • Duration Hold calls
  • Duration calls with conversation
  • Duration line busy
  • Duration callsQuality Parameters: Total calls

  • Answer Seizure Ratio
  • Average line busy
  • Average conversation time
  • Average time of waiting
  • Average time of abandonment

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