The phone bill

is served

BI4Data was the first telephone accounting solution available in the cloud as a service: the Customers are free to focus on their data traffic without having to worry about infrastructure management while keeping a low TCO.

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Simple and immediate

web interface

BI4Data, thanks to its web interface, simple and straightforward, which is compatible with all browsers, makes easy to access to information about the telephone traffic, divides the costs between the offices of the corporate organization.

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Performances check

for a better efficiency

BI4Data, thanks to the Traffic Analysis and Data Mining options, includes features for monitoring the performance of a PBX or network of exchanges through the detection of a variety of quantitative and qualitative parameters: ASR, Erlang, etc ...

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Efficient support

for your decisions

The concept of Conscious Communication finally enters the world of telephony: BI4Data, through reports derived from the Business Intelligence, provides information to support decisions in the management of telephone systems.

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Telephone costs

smart management

You can not manage and improve processes that can not be measured: BI4Data constantly analyzes the data on the telephone traffic and provides awareness of the current state, a prerequisite for any action aimed at introducing improvements.

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Keep track

of the time and cost of your calls

Thanks to BI4Data you can not only reduce telephone costs direct, but also indirect, related to an inefficient use of resources by telephone from your staff: identify waste is a prerequisite to save money.

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  • icon Conscious communication
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  • Aware communication +

    Communication is an essential element for the business operation. For an efficient communication it should be aware! Read More
  • Calls categories +

    BI4Data supports various types of calls: outgoing calls, incoming and internal with and without answer, trunk to trunk calls. Read More
  • Collected data for each call +

    BI4Data is capable of collecting and normalize in its database the information present in the CDR (Call Data Record) of many telephone PBXes. Read More
  • Compatible web access +

    The data collected by BI4Data are simply available through a simple browser regardless of the operating system. Read More
  • Data collection +

    BI4Data is able to collect data from various sources, either directly or through the use of an intelligent buffer SS100, or a simple serial to LAN converter like LS100. Read More
  • Data Mining +

    BI4Data has optionally a module called Data Mining, that enables automated features to extract information to support decisions related to traffic data phone. Read More
  • IP Buffer SS100 +

    Il serial buffer SS100 è un dispositivo configurabile per l'acquisizione e la bufferizzazione di dati provenienti da un centralino telefonico mediante interfaccia seriale, socket IP (client o server) o FTP. Read More
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